The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is a set of shared application programming interface (API) specifications for interoperable functionality in digital image repositories. The IIIF is comprised of and driven by a community of libraries, museums, archives, software companies, and other organizations working together to create, test, refine, implement and promote the IIIF specifications. Using JSON-LD, linked data, and standard W3C web protocols such as Web Annotation, IIIF makes it easy to parse and share digital image data, migrate across technology systems, and provide enhanced image access for scholars and researchers. In short, IIIF enables better, faster and cheaper image delivery. It lets you leverage interoperability and the fabric of the Web to access new possibilities and new users for your image-based resources, while reducing long term maintenance and technological lock in. IIIF gives users a rich set of baseline functionality for viewing, zooming, and assembling the best mix of resources and tools to view, compare, manipulate and work with images on the Web, an experience made portable–shareable, citable, and embeddable.


IIIF New England: Showcase (March 14th)

The IIIF New England Showcase brings together developers, implementers, and other adopters to explain the background to IIIF, its growing community, and to demonstrate the potential of the Framework and the innovative ways in which it can be used to present digital image collections. There will be presentations from Boston Public Library, Brown University, Colby College, Harvard University, MIT, Princeton University, Yale University, and others.

If you are interested in learning more about what IIIF is, its benefits, the technologies that underpin it and seeing examples of how others are using it, then the IIIF Showcase is for you.

The meeting will be non-technical and cover (a detailed agenda is forthcoming):

  • What is IIIF and why should I care?
  • Showcases from local institutions
  • Forthcoming developments to IIIF
  • Options for implementing IIIF

Registration is free but required:


IIIF New England: Technical Workshop (March 15th)

The IIIF Technical Workshop, hosted by Harvard University and MIT, will bring together colleagues who have or are interested in implementing IIIF services, are developing the Framework and associated tools, and working on community initiatives. The workshop will provide opportunities to discuss implementations, issues, initiatives and developments.

The IIIF Technical Workshop will be of benefit to developers already working with IIIF or considering an implementation. The Workshop is an unconference, please add your name and suggestions for discussions/topics to this document.

Registration is free but required:


These events are co-organized by Harvard (DARTH and LTS) and MIT.